Weights & Plates

banner_wnpAt Weights & Plates we aim to help those who truly need it. Our goal is to educate on the importance of healthful eating and the development of muscular strength. While some of our clients may perform at a higher level, they all walked in the door to get healthier. Our first priority is to first get our clients healthy and strong for LIFE.



Through proper nutrition, we ensure that the body is
functioning at its highest level. Food is the body’s
fuel and without it we cease to survive. So if you want to
work on your weights and plates, look no further!



Everyday we sit down and stand up, we pick things up, put things on shelves, and push things around; except when we do this out in the world it’s not always so efficient. By introducing a barbell we are now performing loaded human movement in the most efficient manner possible so that the inefficient movements we perform in daily life become easier and less risky.